Camato: a map editor for Gnocatan


Camato is a map editor for the game gnocatan. It is made with Ruby and the library Ruby-GTK.

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You'll need: The following packages are available: For the GTK 1.2 version, you'll need:


2 july 2005 - version 0.7.4
- Fixed: camato didn't read the values of the properties and dev cards.
2 july 2005 - version 0.7.3
- Fixed a bug with no-setup nodes on the left border or the top border.
- Added an icon for the gold button.
4 june 2005 - version 0.7.2
- Added the statistics entry for development cards.
- Slightly better icons.
- Replaced text entries by spin buttons in the "New" dialog.
- Fixed a bug with the opening of maps that contained harbours without orientation information. Camato now assumes that the orientation is 0.
7 may 2005 - version 0.7.1
- Replaced text entries by spin buttons when appropriate
- Moved the number chits toolbar to the map tab.
16 feb 2005 - version 0.7.0
- Added support for editing and preserving comments in the map files, such as copyright and licence information, or unsupported gnocatan commands.
- Added a toolbar for adding number chits, since some people didn't know/like that they had to use the keyboard.
- Improved the readability of the icons, but they still need work and some kind of alpha blending.
22 jan 2005 - version 0.6.8
- Updated the README file.
- More error handling.
- Fixed the default installation directory in the Makefile.
- Split the main script into several files.
14 jan 2005 - version 0.6.7
- Fixed some bugs. Now you can enter chit numbers with the num pad again.
- Added an option to use camato from the current directory, instead of installing it (wasn't needed until 0.6.6). This option is --noinstall, or simply -n.
12 jan 2005 - version 0.6.6
- Added the necessary scripts to build debian packages... and added debian packages.
11 jan 2005 - version 0.6.5
- Added an option to specify when an hexagon should not be randomly shuffled. For now, you must start Camato with the --cvs option to get this feature, since it's only available in the CVS version of Gnocatan.

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